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Restaurant one of the most crowded place where everyone is in hurry, they want their order should be placed fast and faster the billing should be. The biggest challenges in restaurant industry are order entry management, recipe costing, track & documentation of its perishable inventory. The major problem is the adjustment of different menus & prices with respect to different time. CodeRed has solved the problem of restaurant industry by developing its CodeRed Restaurant Software which helps in maintaining different menus with different price list for different times of day; it also made billing easier by providing different modes of payments (cash & credit cards). Even in CodeRed Restaurant Software you can set operator wise boundations which can help in proper maintenance of finance & budget as well as resist to fraud. In CodeRed Restaurant Software, there is a provision to keep track and complete documentation of the perishable inventory which helps in identifying the expired entries and shows alert to discontinue them as well as hiding the items which are seasonally available.

Software Features

  Rate, Price List, & Discount

 Sales Return & Replacement on Sale Bill

 Party Wise Rate, Discount and Scheme

 Salesman / Route / Area Wise Bills & Reports

 Negative Stock Billing Facility

 Sales Return on Same / Separate Bill & Its Adjustment

 Back Date Stock Position at the Time of Billing

 Godown Wise Billing & Stock Position

 Bill Import / Export & Message on Bill

 Display last four Deals at the Time of Billing

 View O/s Stock, Ledger. Last Deal of Sale & Purchase Returns, Receipt Payment Bill Modification at the Time of Billing

 Counter Sale Entry Provision

 Party History Dashboard on Party Selection

 Provision to Load Item from Other Bill

 Display Last 4 Deals at the Time of Purchase to Cross Check Rate Deal, Disc Tax & Cost

 Purchase Planning & Purchase Order Management

 Supplier Wise Various Outstanding Reports & Remainder

 Pending DR / CR & Replacement Notes

 Auto Barcode / Label Printing from Purchase Bill

  Fix Sales Rates & Deals at the Time of Purchase

 Online Shortage Management

 Purchase Costing Comparison

 1000's of Purchase Reports & Analysis

 Online / Softcopy Purchase

 All Books of Inventory

 Brand, Group & Category Wise Inventory

 Stock Valuation on Multiple Methods

 Item Wise Gross Profit

 Primary and Alternative Unit for Each Item

 Party-wise Price Structure for Items / Groups

 Multiple Prices Lists of Items

 Sales & Purchase Order Processing

 Batch / MRP / Size / Shade / Reference / Serial No. Wise Inventory

  Cash Flow, Funds Flow & Ratio Analysis

  Budgets / Targets / Credit Limits

 Online Graph, SMS & E-mail

 Any Report Export to Word & Excel

 Auto Barcode / Label Printing from Purchase Bill

  Sales / Purchase Analysis

 Gross Profit Analysis

 Purchase Costing Comparison

  Financial, Expenses & Budget Analysis

 Operator Wise Powers & Boundations with Operator Log Book

Easy & Fast Billing

Generate batch wise invoices ,with detailed information about different Businesses


Manage inventory levels, set reorder points to replenish stock and save your loses due to expiry.

Quality Assurance

Ensures the entire development and/or maintenance processes to produce products that meet specifications/requirements as per schedule

Finished Good Quality Control

Easy-to-use, efficient, configurable, FDA compliant, has integrated& automated quality processes and platforms are scalable and customizable

Sales and Distribution

Easy Track of primary, secondary and tertiary sales,reduced forecasting errors, streamlining ordering /invoicing and reduce overhead costs


Stay on top of your finances with powerful 1000’s of sales, purchase, inventory & accounting reports

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